ProFTPD module mod_facl

The mod_facl module adds support to ProFTPD for POSIX ACLs. For more information on what POSIX ACLs are and how they work, see "POSIX ACLs on Linux":
POSIX ACLs are supported and implemented differently on Linux, BSD, and Solaris. ProFTPD attempts to work properly with POSIX ACLs on all of these platforms.

Installation instructions for mod_facl can be found here.

The most current version of mod_facl can be found in the ProFTPD source distribution:



Syntax: FACLEngine on|off
Default: on
Context: server config
Module: mod_facl
Compatibility: 1.3.1rc1 and later

The FACLEngine directive enables or disables the module's runtime checking of POSIX ACLs. Use this directive to disable the module.


To use the mod_facl module, configure proftpd using the following:
  $ ./configure --enable-facl --with-modules=mod_facl ...

The mod_facl module supports trace logging, via the module-specific log channels:

Thus for trace logging, to aid in debugging, you would use the following in your proftpd.conf:
  TraceLog /path/to/ftpd/trace.log
  Trace facl:20
This trace logging can generate large files; it is intended for debugging use only, and should be removed from any production configuration.

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